Holiday weekend return traffic easy on drivers

12:19 AM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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NYACK, CA - Drivers in many Northern California locations got an unexpected break from traffic at the end of the holiday weekend.

"It's been easy. Speed limit. Everything is going good. No traffic.," said Mark Schroeder as he filled up with gas in Nyack on Interstate 80.

Crystal Dunbar of Alaska hunched over a finickly radiator hose at Gold Run, with just a few miles to go to her destinaation in Truckee, hoping she'd make it the last few miles.

"I traveled on Wednesday and it was terrible, so I don't know, maybe people traveled the day before," she speculated.

The easy driving may have been because some decided stretch out their holiday weekend.

"We've been riding. We were at Northstar earlier and then here at night and then we're gonna be back at it again tomorrow," said Ashley Beeman of Sacramento as she continued on into night boarding at Boreal Mountain Resort late Sunday.

Fellow rider Chaz Richardson agreed conditions made it hard to go home.

"There's usually not this much snow here at all, and it's nice, they have parks set up," he said, eyeing a mountain covered in snow.

Sierra resorts were relieved to get off to a good start to the season.

"It couldn't have been better. The weather cooperated. It stopped snowing by Thursday. It turned crystal blue. It was fantastic conditions for skiing and riding on all the mountains," said Boreal Mountain Resort night manager Ron Sylvia.

Others were relieved at the easy traffic, but still in no hurry to get back to work or school.

"No, I'm not happy because school starts again and we will arrive early in the morning, in Montana," said Anna Weidenmueller of Germany, as she headed back for college classes.


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