Are you wasting money on your cellphone?

10:12 AM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - The next time you get your cellphone bill, you may want to take a closer look because millions of Americans are paying more than they should. 

According to Forbes, the average cellphone bill per person runs just over $63 per month.  That averages out to about $760 per year.  That number is up 15 percent from about 10 years ago.  But not everyone is paying that rate.

Maya Galakhova and Liliya Karavan are both hoping that people will learn from their mistakes.  Galakhova recently paid an $800 cellphone bill for just one month.  She says she went over her minutes and her cellphone provider never told her she was running up the charges.  She would love to switch carriers, but can't because of a contract.

"I don't like it, I wouldn't say I enjoy it, I am under contract, so unfortunately I am stuck for a while," said Galakhova.

Karavan found herself stuck in a similar situation: charged a $600 cellphone bill one particular month.  She says language was hidden in her contract that charged her for every little click on the Internet, even if she 'liked' something on a friend's Facebook page.  She was able to switch carriers and now pays about $40 a month for unlimited service, including Internet. 

Liliya has some advice for parents when it comes to their kids wanting cel phones.

"Do not get them cellphones," she said.  "It's just one of those early-start problems. I understand that cellphones aren't drugs, but it's something you can be so easily addicted to. You'll sacrifice your education, your school, you're going to try and hide it from your teacher, sneak out of class to text your friends, and it's just not really what's important at that age."


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