News10 asks elementary school students if they know what different pieces of old tech are, what they do

5:25 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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News10 staff and the elementary school students that took part in the 'Old tech, Young kids' story

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It's not a stretch to say children and electronics in today's world go hand-in-hand. 

Most know how to use computers, iPads, Kindles, iPods - you name it, they can use it.

But what they can't use are the things most of consider the building blocks of technology - typewriters, records, a Polaroid Camera, an hour glass, record player and a rotary phone - they all paved the way for the fantastic toys we have today.

If you put these pieces of old tech in front of elementary student, would they know how to use them?

That's exactly what News10 did with 2 nd and 3 rd graders from the Boys and Girls Club at Edward Kemble Elementary School in Sacramento.

"This whole thing is called a walkman," News10's Nick Monacelli told Anita White and Samantha Jones.

"A walkman? It doesn't even walk," 9-year-old Samantha replied. "That's messed up."


The students, in four groups of two, were lead into a classroom and told to discuss the items on the table. Unknown to the students, the cameras were on the whole time and captured their reactions.


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