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Raley's strike deadline draws closer

11:19 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A long-running labor dispute may be coming to a head - the battle between Raley's and the union that represents hundreds of workers at the grocery story chain.

Saturday night is the deadline for a new contract.

Without a contract, 120 Raley's stores could face picketlines if workers decide to walk off their jobs.

The grocery chain and union leaders met again Thursady, this time with a federal mediator, as they try to hammer out a deal.

Plans call for the two sides to meet again on Friday.

Raley's said it's losing millions of dollars and needs concessions from the union to remain viable.

The company wants to freeze wages and eliminate Sunday and holiday premium pay.

The union said its workers can't take that kind of a hit to their paychecks.

The dispute has put some Raley's shoppers in a tough spot.

"I support their jobs. In fact when I go to a store and it's the self checkout line, I go in the line with the person," Raley's shopper Susan May said. "Because this is all part of the macroeconomic look and when people earn money they spend it."

Others said they support Raleys' efforts to lower costs.

"If I had to tell you right now, I would probably support the picket line and Raleys because their prices are great and in these tough economic times, I don't think unions really have a place in our society," Raleys' shopper Eric May said.

If employees do walk off the job, it would be the first strike in Raley's 77-year history.













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