Teen arrested in connection to pig's death

10:20 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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WOODLAND, CA - A 17-year-old boy was arrested in connection to stealing and slaughtering a pig Monday.

On Saturday, Woodland High School student Marika Ocegueda, 17, reported that a pig she was raising as a part in the Future Farmers of America Program was stolen from the Laugenour Land Lab, on 39839 County Road, Yolo County sheriff's Sgt. Lance Faillie said.

"It's someone my age. So it's sickening that someone, any age, would think to do something like that," said Ocegueda, who was raising "Edwin" the pig.

During the investigation, deputies found a bloody hand print on the gate leading to the pig's pen, which was also covered in blood inside.

"I just want (the juvenile suspect) to know (he) hurt me as a person and I have to live with knowing that someone hurt my pig for the rest of my life," Ocegueda said.

On Monday, detectives interviewed a 17-year-old boy, arrested him and transported him to Yolo County Juvenile Hall. Faillie said the teen was booked for felony grand theft and animal cruelty.

Ocegueda's father Tony Ocegueda said the pig's remains were later found near Cache Creek, but he didn't know how many miles from the farm.

"I think my heart goes to a different place because I know that 17-year-old has parents," Tony Ocegueda said. "I think my anger is switching more towards 'Why would someone that young do something so devastating?'"

Marika Ocegueda received Edwin about a month ago and worked with him everyday for an hour at the farm.

"We cliqued right away. That made things a lot easier because when you're close with your pig it's easier for showmanship," Marika Ocegueda said.

Ocegueda received cards, flowers and offers for a new pig as people learned about Edwin's death.

Marika said the hardest part of the ordeal was trying to explain what happened to Edwin to her 9-year-old sister.

"Our family is a really close family and telling her, it broke her heart," said Ocegueda. "It breaks my heart watching her heart break. That hurt the worst."

Ocegueda plans to get another pig and hopes to compete in the Yolo County fair in August.

This is the second time a student's animal has been killed in the FFA program. In August, three teens were arrested for killing catfish.


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