2 arrested following Sacramento pursuit, search for suspected truck thieves

11:49 AM, May 22, 2012   |    comments
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  • Truck believed to have been stolen, abandoned in field near Elk Grove Florin Rd.
  • Mobile home park where second suspected thief was possibly detained.
  • Authorities form perimter on Elk Grove Florin Rd. to search for suspected truck thief.
  • Authorities form perimter on Elk Grove Florin Rd. to search for suspected truck thief.

SACRAMENTO - Two individuals suspected of stealing a truck were arrested after leading California Highway Patrol officers on a pursuit through Sacramento, then hiding in a field for approximately two hours on Tuesday morning.

PHOTOS: Authorities search Sacramento field for suspected thieves

According to Liz Dutton of the CHP, officers attempted to pull the Ford F-250 over near Watt and Whitney just after 8:00 a.m. when the driver fled. CHP officers pursued and made several attempts to use a PIT maneuver to bring the pursuit to a close, Dutton said.

During an unsuccessful PIT attempt at Notre Dame and Lake Forest Dr., shots were fired, but Dutton did not confirm whether they came from an officer vehicle or from the truck.

"I witnessed the shooting," said Michael Lynch, who claims he saw the attempted PIT maneuver play out. "It was on the corner of [Lake] Forest and Notre Dame Dr. I was about to turn the corner and heard sirens and saw a full size black truck barreling down the street with cop cars in pursuit. I pulled over the and guy made a left turn onto [Lake] Forest. One of the cop cars rammed his back end and spun him. The cop jumped out of the car and pointed his gun at the truck who then put it into reverse and tried to ram the cop car if he didn't actually do it. The cop then fired 4 to 5 rounds at the truck shattering it's back window as the truck drove off down the street. The cops followed after him with one cop car staying at the intersection. I think he was pretty shook up."

The pursuit resumed until the driver stopped the vehicle in a field near Elk Grove Florin Rd. and Gardner Ave., and the two individuals fled on foot.  The Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. and CHP immediately set up a perimeter around the area to locate the suspected thieves.

Around 9:55 a.m., a man emerged from the field and surrendered without further incident. 

The other individual was arrested minutes later at an undisclosed location.

No information was provided on the identity of the suspected thieves.


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