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5:48 AM, Nov 17, 2011   |    comments
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GREAT HANG UP - Some Sacramento students told us their online driver's education classes are outdated and the Great Hang Up wanted to find out who regulates and updates that information. 

To qualify for a driver's license, the DMV requires 30 hours of class instruction in person or online, as well as 6 hours of in-car instruction and 50 hours behind the wheel with adult. 

But many schools have dropped face-to-face classroom driver's ed due to cost and many students are turning to the much cheaper online classes.

The DMV warns not all online classes are licensed by their department and may not offer the most current information.

Armando Botello with the DMV says it is best to check the name of the school on the DMV's website to make sure it is licensed. Botello says those that are licensed should meet DMV requirements and can be regulated if they fall short.

He also cautioned parents to get involved and talk about texting and driving which is not a big focus of some online programs.  Additionally, he advised parents to make sure students are actually participating online versus letting a clock run to meet the 30 hour requirement.

Veteran Driver's Ed instructor John Diggs believes face-to-face time is more effective instruction, but convenience and affordability of online classes makes them the more popular option.

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