School board candidate accuses 'far left' of vandalism

11:12 PM, Nov 3, 2011   |    comments
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MODESTO, CA - A candidate in Modesto's school board race accuses a far leftist group and "militant homosexuals" of destroying and stealing her campaign posters.

Mylinda Mason said she's lost more than $300 worth of campaign posters, paid for by donations, in this week.

The posters were vandalized with a pink triangle sprayed on her photo with the words "Mason hates gays" and "She is a homophobe" across the poster.

Mason said she wrote her suspicions on several Facebook fan sites she belongs to, including "You Know You're From Modesto When...," but the sites pulled her comments.

News10 has not received a response from page administrators over why her comments were deleted.

Mason, however, wrote on her own Facebook page:

"Wow...Tough day. The Liberals are going out of their way to attack my positions on the social issues that will largely influence any implementation of mandates as a result of my School Board 'votes'. My Biblical family values are not up for random change."

"My signs are being damaged, torn down and stolen all over town by the intolerant left. The threat of a Christian grandmother is more than they can take. I just received the third phone call this morning to let me know about the damage done in the dark of night. Having taken a stand for what is right and true, homosexuals and other liberals want to make me pay a price, if not financially at least emotionally and psychologically. Militant homosexual groups and pro-abortion activists have engaged in this type of behavior for decades, only now attacks are getting even more brazen. MM"

Mason defended her right to free speech Thursday night.

"What I said - the far left, whoever they are and that would include homosexuals. And they signed with 'homosexual' so that's what helped me draw my conclusion," Mason said.

Mason said she's not intolerant of homosexuality because her own son is openly gay.

"I do adore my son and I also want to stand for family values," Mason said.

Mason believes her campaign signs were targeted because she strongly opposes SB-48, which would introduce the sexual orientation of people in history to classrooms.

"Frankly, I don't believe that belongs in the classroom," Mason said.


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