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GREAT HANG UP- Teen summit sparks passion for safety on the road

8:48 PM, Sep 14, 2011   |    comments
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  • Teens at the Youth Summit do a freeze outside the Castle
  • Teens from Yuba-Sutter and other areas swap ideas at the Youth Traffic Safety Summit at the Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim.
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  • ANAHEIM, CA - About 700 teens rallied at the Youth Traffic Summit against distracted and drunk driving this weekend in Anaheim.

    The annual event is spearheaded by the group Friday Night Live, that helps schools with events like "Every 15 Minutes, " designed to keep kids safe especially on weekends.

    The theme was "Making Waves" and how one voice can make a difference especially when raised with others.

    Ideas on how to start programs at school and what each of us can do to stop distracted and drunk driving were shared. Organizers said teens are the best way to reach other teens with the message.

    Junior Misty Sheppard shared how she can't wait to take back ideas to her school and community. One upcoming event will be a Haunted House to raise awareness.  

    Friday Night Live has been in the state for more than two decades and one of it's organizers said the passion by teens for change inspires her. 

    A drunk driver killed Lynne Goodwin's daughter and she said these teens and their promise help her get out of bed each day.

    This year's annual summit was the best attended yet and News10's Melissa Crowley was honored to be a speaker for several workshops on how to share what's happening at your school with the media and how to connect with other schools.

    Share your events by sending your emails to and send us pictures and video.

    Our Great Hang Up facebook page also is a place to stay connected with other programs and events in your area and spark ideas for future events and has pictures from this year's summit event.



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