Man dragged by car in Stockton survives

12:31 AM, Jul 23, 2011   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Just before 11 Friday morning, a man was spotted clinging to a car being driven quickly, westbound,  on Washington Street.  A few seconds of that incident was captured by a News10 camera.

Photographer Mark Pepper saw the car coming his direction while preparing for a live shot in News10 Midday.

The footage shows a man clinging to the open window frame on the passenger side.  His feet were skimming along the street as the car sped by at about 35 miles per hour.  Just before the vehicle went out of view, the man appeared to be successfully climbing in.

Pepper then located the car and the men involved about a mile away.  Police were on the scene as well after a witness called them to report the Hollywood stunt-like event.

Officers said it appeared the man being dragged was convinced a friend's stolen purse was inside the car.  That's why he was trying to stay with the vehicle.

Ultimately, no crimes were alleged and no one was arrested. The participants didn't offer explanations of what happened. 



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