Ex-Mexican leader speaks at UOP commencement

7:47 PM, May 6, 2011   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Former Mexican President Vicente Fox told reporters in a Friday afternoon news conference that he hopes to inspire University of Pacific graduates at their commencement Saturday.

"Hopefully, I will raise their compassion to work for others" and "to be leaders for good causes," he said.

He also weighed in on the immigration issue, saying he does not believe that open borders are the answer.  On the other hand, however, he does believe workers already in this country with jobs should be provided documents.

"As long as they have a job, they deserve and have the right to stay here."

And as for the current drug violence in Mexico, the former head of state said he believes the answer is for both Mexico and the United States to legalize drugs.

"I'm surprised we don't go back to the 1920's and see how the prohibition of alcohol was dealt with and when prohibition ended, the solution came.  Yes, I do think the solution will come through that."

Friday night, Fox was also scheduled to deliver the University's  Gerber lecture.  The lecture is an annual event featuring foreign leaders speaking on international affairs.

by Jonathan Mumm jmumm@news10.net


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