Survey identifies dangerous toys for kids

6:20 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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The California Public Interest Research Group spent months researching toys sold by national chains, shopping mall and dollar stores to find toys that may be hazardous to children.

CALPIRG's survey found toys with high levels of lead and other chemicals that can harm children. One toy had double the recommended level of lead exposure. Researchers warn that long-term lead exposure could cause permanent developmental problems.

COMPLETE LIST: Trouble in Toyland Survey by CALPIRG

The group also warns parents to look out for potential choking hazards.

"We've been telling parents and caregivers for years that a better test is the test that any parent or caregiver can do at home with a bigger test cylinder, an empty roll of toilet paper," CALPIRG spokesperson Austin Price said. "So if a toy fits inside this test tube cylinder, it's too small for a child under three."

While the survey does not test every toy on the market, the annual list has prompted more than 150 toy recalls in the last 27 years.


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