Students disrupt UC Regents meeting because of tuition, compensation

5:54 PM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - University of California students from all campuses once again disrupted university meetings in an attempt to have their voices heard, protesters said.

The UC Board of Regents met with a dozen student protestors early Wednesday morning at the Sacramento Convention Center. Because part of the meeting was open to the public, the students were allowed inside.

While a regent was reviewing a report following up on UC Davis' pepper spray incident, a student began yelling, telling the regents they're the reason events like that are allowed to happen.

The outburst was immediately followed by the students from all UC campuses walking in a circle, chanting, "We're the students of the chain-gang."

Regents changed their agenda and went into closed session.

About 10 minutes later, the chanting stopped and students told anyone who would listen why they're so angry. Their frustrations range from high executive compensation to class sizes to increased tuition.

"We're having to teach larger and larger classes, which means that the quality of instruction that we can provide is lessened," said UCLA graduate student Cheryl Deutsch, who also represents the UC Student Worker's Union.

University professors and workers also joined the fight.

"As it is, right now, my kids are looking at a future of debt, if they can get into a UC at all," UC Berkeley Gardner Kathryn Lybarger said.

The UC officials said if the state doesn't provide $125 million of additional funding it will be forced to increase tuition another 6 percent.

Instead, the latest state budget proposal cuts $38 million in funding.

"We still have some hope that we can get the legislature and the governor to agree to buy out tuition, to come up with the $125 million that we need so there will not have to be a tuition increase," UC President spokesperson Peter King said.

By Nick Monacelli,


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