Calif. shuffles crimes under inmate-crowding law

10:37 AM, Jul 1, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA (AP) - A new law changing where some criminals serve their time is prompting anger from some Republican lawmakers who believe the state again is reneging on its promise to keep those convicted of violent and other serious crimes in state prisons rather than county jails.

The change comes nine months after California began shifting thousands of inmates to county jails to address court-ordered reductions in overcrowding at state prisons.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation last week shifting 10 crimes back to state prisons.

But the new law also shifts four more weapons possession and white collar crimes to county jails.

The chairman of the Senate budget committee says the changes merely fix a drafting error that will affect a small number of criminals, while saving taxpayers' money.

The Associated Press

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