18,000 state employees each make more than $100,000 in pension payments

11:02 PM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - More than 6,000 retired California educators collect more than $100,000 in pension payments annually, according to the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility.

Retired City of Modesto Schools Administrator, James Enochs collects a $302,000 pension annually. Retired San Joaquin County office of Education Administrator Fredrick Wentworth collects a $296,000 pension.

"In one year, the list has grown by 25 percent," California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility spokesperson Marcia Fritz said. "Yet, student enrollment hasn't moved more than 1 percent, I'm blown away by it."

Fritz supports pension reform and believes the list is a way to show the system needs repair.

Name Monthly Annual Employer
Enochs, James C $25,172.01 $302,064.12 Modesto City Elementary
Bray, Richard E $24,954.95 $299,459.40 Tustin Unified
Wentworth, Fredrick $24,683.76 $296,205.12 San Joaquin County Office Of Education
Hernandez Jr, Edward $24,334.99 $292,019.88 Rancho Santiago Ccd
Shattuck, Virginia J $24,026.22 $288,314.64 Norwalk-La Mirada Unified
Jaque-Anton, Donnalyn E $23,466.87 $281,602.44 Lausd
Smith, James F $23,072.96 $276,875.52 Evergreen Elementary
Rainey, Susan J $22,583.08 $270,996.96 Riverside Unified
Miller, Marilyn L $22,386.55 $268,638.60 Hillsborough City Elementary
Vandermolen, Johanna A $22,260.10 $267,121.20 Campbell Union Elementary

CalSTRS Pension database from FixPensionFirst.com >>

More than 12,000 retired state employees are now collecting $100,000+ pensions too.

Top on the list, former embattled city of Vernon manager Bruce Malkenhorst just had his $500,000 pension slashed by CalPERS the state retirement fund.

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But others said these top earners don't tell the whole story.

"This is a small peice of the pie, these are top administrators whose pensions are huge, but can't compare to state workers who retire with a fraction of that," Californians for Retirement Security spokesperson Steve Maviglio said.

Name Monthly Annual Employer
Malkenhorst, Bruce V $44,189.02 $530,268.24 Vernon
Fuster, Joaquin M $26,226.08 $314,712.96 UC Los Angeles
Gerth, Donald R $24,590.52 $295,086.24 CSU Sacramento
Garret, William $24,129.46 $289,553.52 El Cajon
Stahl, James F $23,289.98 $279,479.76 LA Co Sanit #2
Schlag, John D $22,604.16 $271,249.92 UC Los Angeles
Southard, Glenn D $22,596.42 $271,157.04 Indio
Adams, Randy G $22,119.79 $265,437.48 Bell
Newell, George T $21,708.82 $260,505.84 Santa Clara County
Schachter, Julius $21,470.66 $257,647.92 UC San Francisco

CalPERS Pension database from FixPensionFirst.com >>



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