Game Guys review: Guity Party for the Wii

12:10 AM, Sep 8, 2010   |    comments
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  • "Guilty Party" for the Wii.
  • "Guilty Party" for the Wii.
  • "Guilty Party" for the Wii.
  • "Guilty Party" for the Wii.
  • "Guilty Party" for the Wii.
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To put it simply:  If you're a fan of Clue (and really, who isn't?), then you're a fan of Guilty Party -- you just don't know it yet.

Guilty Party is the latest game to come out of Disney Interactive Studios.  Developed by Wideload Games, Guilty Party is an enjoable who-dun-it mystery game that plays like a board game.  In the multiplayer/party mode, players take turns searching each well-themed location looking for clues and interrogating folks in the area.  It's all in the hope that you're the first player to come up with an accurate character sketch of the guilty party, using it to correctly accuse that person of their wrong-doing.  No big worries if you get your accusation wrong on the first go-round, though, since you get three chances.  Then again, one of the other players might get it right before your next attempt.

Gathering your clues is a mix of simply looking for the blue question marks (they signify that there's something to find) and clicking on them to having to go through a mini-game to get the information you seek.  Some of the mini-games are quite simple while others are challenging.  Either way, it's up to you as the detective to piece together what each of your clues and each person's alibi and testimonies mean as far as figuring out who's the guilty party.

In the story mode (which works well as both a single- and multi-player game), you travel from location to location solving a mystery at each stop as you venture after the notorious villain Mr. Valentine.  True to Disney form, Mr. Valentine is cartoonishly sinister and could easly be added to the company's stellar lineup of Disney villains.  As for the eight protagonists, they're also up to Disney standards with each having their own distinct personality.

Just about everything about this game is pleasant and fun, especially the first time through.  The graphics work well for the Wii and this is one of the few games that work well while depending almost entirely on the Wii's point-and-click mechanics.  Guilty Party's audio is also well-done, featuring well-performed voice acting that shouldn't dissapoint anybody, whether that person is a Disney fan or not.

The only thing that Guilty Party really is not is a game that you'll be playing for hours-on-end.  Like most board games and board game-type video games, after one or two complete runs through it, you'll feel it's time to turn the console off and do something else until you get the urge to play it agan (and you will, eventually, play it again).

Final Game Guys grade: B+

- Game Guy Barry White


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