Turn Your PC Into the World's Most Powerful Gaming Console

4:18 PM, Dec 31, 2009   |    comments
The iGUGU Gamecore.
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Consumer entertainment technology company iGUGU has announced that  the launch of the iGUGU Gamecore will be at the 2010 International CES in Las Vegas.  The iGUGU Gamecore is a system that transforms the PC into what the company calls "the industry's most powerful videogame console".  It enables gamers to access and play more than 27,000 game titles available for the PC and through the Internet on a television or home theater system.

iGUGU Gamecore features an innovative compact wireless controller that incorporates a trackball, direction pad, joystick, programmable action buttons, and a full QWERTY keyboard that enables users to play virtually any PC- or Internet-based video game without the need to use the traditional computer keyboard and mouse.  Equipped with six accelerometers, the wireless controller enables users to intuitively play the game using natural motions to do activities such as steer a race care or fly an aircraft.

Available with a pair of options to connect the PC to the television, iGUGU Gamecore eliminates the need to play PC games at a desk using a computer screen, keyboard and mouse, enabling computer gamers to experience their games as they have become accustomed to with other industry game consoles:  on a couch, through a large screen television.

Unlike traditional game consoles that can only play titles that were exclusively designed for specific consoles, iGUGU leverages the many benefits of the PC platform to provide a game console that can play up to 99 percent of PC games and all Internet games, including many free online games.  In addition, unlike traditional game consolers, a PC can be easily upgraded to support the requirements of more advanced games so the PC nor the games ever become obsolete.

"The launch of iGUGU Gamecore will fundamentally change the way in which people look at PC gaming," explained Isaac Calderon, president of iGUGU. "Since the arrival of the very first PC game, players have been forced to interact with the games using an unintuitive mix of keystrokes and two-dimensional mouse movements. iGUGU Gamecore completely changes PC gaming by providing a game controller that give the user better control over the game than that of traditional game consoles and moves the game from the PC monitor to a large screen television in the living room. Our game system gives gamers all the benefits of a game console and adds the ability to play many more titles stored on the PC or accessed through the Internet - and at a fraction of the price."

- Game Guy Barry White bcwhite@news10.net


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