Four Turkeys to Avoid this Holiday Season

12:42 AM, Nov 27, 2009   |    comments
Beware these video game turkeys!
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This Thanksgiving there's plenty of turkeys to avoid in the gaming world.  Here's four that leave a taste in your mouth that will make you wish it were only fruitcake.

Major Minor's Majestic March for the Nintendo Wii really gets your gizzards in a bunch with it's sloppy motion controls that have gamers making somewhat disturbing movements up and down with their arms and hands. All of this to the beat of a cartoony Band Conductor. I had more fun at band camp. It's too bad the game's music is wasted here.

Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party for the Nintendo Wii. With mini-games like pillow fighting and dog walking, this game is designed for tween girls who want to have fun with their girlfriends. But most of the games are unplayable, with colored cursors that get lost in the background. OMG! This game SUX! LOL.

Tomb Raider: Underworld for the Playstation 2 was supposed to be the second-coming of the buxomous treasure hunter.  Unfortunately, the only thing that came was Eidos' bank account as Tomb Raider fanboys flocked to get their hands on the latest (and worst) edition of the franchise.  With sloppy controls and less-than-epic gameplay, you'll feel like you've taken one for the team after a night with this one.

Marker Man Adventures for the Nintendo DS tries to turn the stylus into a doodle pad and game but it misses the mark. It's a game where basic geometrics are supposed to rule; they fail instead.  Sometimes you can draw shapes no problem whereas other times you're drawing a line ten times without it registering. The game just seems to mock the user, turning oblongly drawn circles into triangles. It's a game that's (to borrow an old phrase) square...square and lacking a point.

So, when it comes to turkey make sure to keep it on the dinner table and not the clearance rack.

- Game Guys Barry White and Kevin Durawa and


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