New Gaming Console On Its Way

10:28 AM, Sep 16, 2009   |    comments
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Startup company MechaWorks has been developing a new gaming console in stealth mode over the past two years. Code-named Full Circle, the console is being introduced at GDC to give developers a first look at the platform.


Taking a new approach to gaming consoles, the platform eschews both streaming and subscription-based platforms, in favor of a more traditional approach to cloud-based console gaming. Full Circle combines revolutionary software for Mac and PC, with what the company touts as the most powerful hardware console built to-date. For the first time, cutting-edge games will be able to be played across Mac and PC, as well as the Full Circle Console.

"You'll be able to buy a game once, and play it anywhere." said Christopher Price, MechaWorks CEO. "Streaming is unreliable and unattractive to most consumers. People want to take their games on the go, with their notebook, and simply sync back to their console when they get home."

Full Circle takes advantage of modern PC architecture to deliver a consistent gaming experience, and single build targets, across Mac, PC, and HDTV. System Rating technology allows gamers to finally bypass the myriad of complex system requirements. Each computer is assigned a simple low-end, mid-range, or high-end rating. Developers can then maximize discreet, baseline specifications for each target audience.

Instead of running inside the operating system, Full Circle intelligently removes Windows and Mac OS X from memory, allowing games to run with maximum performance. The operating environment will be fully open-sourced.

"Game developers will be able to finally not have to buffer PC games with all the performance limitations that they encounter on the average, mis-managed PC. We bypass Windows completely, and then bring the gamer right back to what they were doing when done gaming. That's not entirely new, Chrome OS is taking a similar tact, but we're going to make it painless for an ordinary user to install, and get up and running."

WIth support for up to three HDTVs simultaneously, the Full Circle Console will extend games even further, with the first mainstream support for multiple HDTVs in a console. Combined with optional Blu-Ray support, Full Circle Console will enable users to combine games, widgets, and HD movies on multiple screens.

MechaWorks is combining the introduction of Full Circle, with the announcement of a Crowdsourcing initiative. The company will be offering rewards for those willing to tackle projects on various open-source tasks. Full Circle will be one Crowdsourcing project, but the company also hopes to give back to the open-source community, by rewarding various open-source projects with results-oriented improvements.


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