Nexon awards more than $1 million to two indy game developers

1:24 PM, Jan 31, 2011   |    comments
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Independent video game development gets a boost thanks to online game mega-developer and publisher Nexon.

Nexon's North American publishing arm, Nexon America, has is awarding Antic Entertainment and one2tribe a combined $1 million in development funding.  The money comes from the Nexon iNitiative, which helps smaller game developers create new titles for Nexon's worldwide publishing network.

The Nexon iNitiative is a million-dollar program started in the spring of 2010 to identify and fund new and innovative video game projects that fall alongside Nexon's focus on building community and that encourage long-term user engagement.  The Nexon iNitiative received 115 submissions from developers in 26 countries.  After reviewing all submissions, Antic Entertainment and one2tribe were selected as recipients of development funding from the Nexon iNitiative.

With its headquarters in the Canadian city of London, Ontario, Antic Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Fredrik Liljegren, Mark Mikulec and Jeff Evans.  Antic Entertainment specializes in developing and publishing casual games for core gamers, and will be developing an unannounced social media game for Nexon.

Polish development studio one2tribe was founded in 2003 by Wojciech Ozimek and Aleksander Solecki.  The independent developer's portfolio contains a number of projects, including massively multiplayer online games that combine several technical platforms like Xyber Mech and The Witcher: Versus.

"The Nexon iNitiative had many outstanding submissions," said Won Il Sue, Nexon America's vice president of business development. "Antic Entertainment and one2tribe presented truly innovative ideas that fit right into what we're trying to do at Nexon. As recipients of the Nexon iNitiative funding, Antic Entertainment and one2tribe will be instrumental in expanding our catalogue and bringing Nexon games to new audiences."

Nexon America founded the Nexon iNitiative to find the most original, unique and promising independent video game projects and provide funding to support the next generation of game developers.  Each recipient has earned a share of the more than $1 million funding and will have projects co-developed and later published through Nexon's global distribution network, which currently services games in more than 71 countries.

- Game Guy Barry White


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