2010 Gamers' Choice Awards winner: Accessories

8:13 PM, Jan 4, 2011   |    comments
SplitFish's FragFX Shark wins the 2010 Gamers' Choice Award for best third-party accessory.
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Gamers have spoken and have chosen the best third-party accessory of 2010 through their votes.

In the narrowest win of the 2010 Gamers' Choice Awards, SplitFish's unique FragFX Shark controller is the top third-party accessory of 2010.  The FragFX Shark earned a 36.59% score, just edging Nyko's PS3 Core Controller for the award.  The Core Controller earned 35.37%.

Third place also went to Nyko for their Wand+ accessory for the Nintendo Wii, which finished with a 14.63% score.  Hyperkin's Tough Non-Slip Dance Pad took fourth with 7.32% of the vote.  The Eagle Eye Mouse & Keyboard Converter's 6.09% was good enough for last place.  The Eagle Eye is manufactured by Penguin United.

Last year's top third-party accessory was the Crossfire Wii Pistol Remote by Penguin United.

- Game Guy Barry White bwhite@news10.net


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