MumboJumbo announces remaining 2010 gaming lineup

2:33 PM, Oct 10, 2010   |    comments
MumboJumbo's partial 2010 holiday video game lineup.
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Video game publisher MumboJumbo has unveiled its remaining upcoming titles for 2010.

The company will be releasing Chainz Galaxy and Unlikely Suspects for the iPad and PC via digital download a little later this year. The latest iteration of the Chainz puzzle games takes the link-matching game to a new level by enhancing the addictive mechanic and supplying players with increased power-ups and an intriguing back story.   Unlikely Suspects is a whodunit mystery game has more than 4,000 outcomes, and a cast of 16 zany characters. Each game asks players to identify the victim of the crime, the weapon used and the possible suspects.  By eliminating possibilities as you collect evidence, the player is eventually able to try to crack the case and make an accusation.

In addition to the PC/iPad lineup, debuting for the Nintendo DS is Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy, which is available at retailers nationwide for the holiday shopping season. The hidden-object adventure game follows the story of the master of macabre Edgar Allan Poe to find out how the author mysteriously died.

MumboJumbo will also be releasing its Stocking Full of Games in early November.  These stockings, available in red and green with two game assortments, will each have five full PC games included. 

"We are really excited about our holiday stocking program this year," said Cottam. "We're giving our customers five great PC games in one-the assortments of titles are really solid, fun games, and the stocking packages make for easy gift giving."

Also, the gaming company is bringing back for the 2010 holiday season its 'Casual Classics Assortment' display. The point-of-purchase displays will include eight titles and will allow shoppers to pick up affordable full-version PC games spanning array of genres including time management, puzzle, matching and trivia. The assortment titles will be available at Target and Best Buy stores nationwide this holiday season.

- Game Guy Barry White


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