Study reveals alarming rate of distracted driving near Calif. schools

11:18 AM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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Despite countless public service announcements and ongoing proof of the dangers of driving distracted, Californians continue to drive without their sole focus on the road.

A study funded by Allstate insurance company monitored 70 intersections at California high schools over the course of an hour. During that hour, 7,000 cases of distracted driving were recorded, according to Allstate spokesman Jim Klapthor.

According to the study, the approximate average of 100 cases of distracted driving per hour per intersection is on par with the average recorded in the two previous Roadwatch studies.

Participants in the study administered by the California Friday Night Live Partnership (CFNLP) observed a range of distracting behavior behind the wheel, with talking and texting on the cellphone, eating and drinking, personal grooming, and smoking being the most common, said Klapthor.

The number of instances recorded for each of the top four distractions were as follows:

2,139 cases of cellphone us in-hand = 31 instances per hour/site
2,053 cases of eating or drinking = 30 instances per hour/site
856 cases of personal grooming = 12 instances per hour/site
440 cases of smoking = 6 instances per hour/site

"Reducing distractions behind the wheel is something we all can do-it costs nothing and its savings are enormous," urges Phil Telgenhoff, Field Vice President of Allstate Insurance Company in California. "When we choose to drive more safely, we improve the safety of everyone on the road at the same time."

 Read the full release with statistics here. 


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