Capcom's Strider to bring Metroidvania gameplay to next-gen

2:53 PM, Dec 10, 2013   |    comments
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'Strider' is being developed by Double Helix Games and published by Capcom.

Looking to bring a classic that made its debut in 1989 to a modern audience, developer Double Helix Games' re-boot of publisher Capcom's Strider video game combines the sword-slashing action of the original with Metroidvania-style gameplay.

During a closed-door hands-on demonstration of Strider, this great-looking 2D side-scrolling HD platformer impressed as it brought back memories of the original title yet felt fresh and new.  While only one stage, a high-tech cybernetics factory, was available, it gave a good feel of what the rest of the game may be like.

The developers stated that the area demonstrated was roughly 40 minutes into the 6-8 hour game.  Of course, consisting of a Metroidvania layout means that there could easily be much more play value to be had in this digital download only title thanks to a potential glut of optional content.

While still in development, gameplay felt tight.  Strider Hiryu, the game's titular protagonist, comes equipped with his franchise-standard sword.  As is, it can be swung to deflect smaller enemy projectiles fired his way.  Its properties can also be altered, however, to provide attacks with a burning blaze edge or a frosty one to temporarily freeze enemies in place.  There are also special brief summon abilities in which Strider can call a pouncing tiger, a soaring hawk, or mushroom-like droids that can either form a temporary shield around the hero or be sent hurling towards a nearby enemy.  While there is much for players to control, it all seems to be well mapped on the gamepad.

There is much more of the 2014 release of Strider yet to be seenm but what little of the game was experienced during the hands-on demonstration is promising.

Capcom is saying to expect Strider to hit PSN (for PS3 and PS4), Xbox LIVE (for Xbox 360 and Xbox One), and PC as a digital download early next year.


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