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Game Guys review - Genius Energy Mouse

9:07 PM, Nov 19, 2013   |    comments
The Energy Mouse from Genius.
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Electronics company Genius has a new wireless computer mouse that literally puts the power in its users hand.  Called the Energy Mouse, this 2.4GHz wireless mouse not only allows users to navigate their OS, it also has a built-in power bank to charge their accessories or smartphones.

Weighing in at roughly a quarter of a pound, the Energy Mouse is heavier than other mice of its size and quality.  Then again, when one considers that there's a high-capacity battery inside it kind of makes sense why that would be the case.  The mouse is fairly small, however.  While that makes it conveniently portable, it's not the most comfortable thing to use compared to a full-size pointing device.  Thankfully, both sides of the mouse are rubberized.  The grips make it much easier to solidly hold the device while in use.

Driver installation is quick and easy, making this wireless mouse nearly plug-and-play from the get-go.  It comes equipped with a very short USB-to-MicroUSB cord that's just long enough to allow the user to utilize the mouse while it charges.  This cord is also what's used to plug a low-battery device such as a nearly-dead smartphone into the mouse to charge that device as well.  Unfortunately, the mouse becomes quite awkward to use when tethered to an additional device.

One addition feature that this mouse boasts that's rather handy is its battery charge indicator.  At the press of a button, the user can instantly check to see how much life is left in the mouse thanks to a set of four small LEDs on the top between the L and R buttons.  Each LED signifies a 25% charge, so if three of the four lights shine that means there is no more than 75% charge within the mouse.

Rated at 1200dpi, the Genius Energy Mouse shouldn't be the first choice for any serious or semi-serious gamer.  Casual and business users, however, should find it go be quite the attractive pointing device - especially for those who find themselves on the go more often than not.  Priced at a comfortable $30, users will find good performance and nice versatility thanks to its acting as a power bank for USB-charged electronics.  The fact that Genius was forward-thinking enough to include an internal backup to its 2700mAh primary battery to allow users to still utilize the mouse even if it was drained to charge one's cell phone speaks well for its craftsmanship.

One thing that the Genius Energy Mouse shouldn't be, though, is an everyday mouse.  While its size and shape make it a good compliment to a laptop or netbook, it's simply too small for comfortable extended use.


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