Indie game Legend of Raven next-gen bound

6:04 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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Indie developer/publisher Nicalis' 2D fighter 'Legend of Raven'.

When independent video game developer/publisher Nicalis revealed its upcoming 2D fighting game, Legend of Raven, the company announced it as a PlayStation Vita exclusive obtainable through PlayStation Network.  Now it seems not to be the case as Nicalis has decided to also release the game onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though no hard release date has come to light as of yet.

Along with the game's new consoles comes new features.  On PlayStation Vita and PS4, Legend of Raven will feature cross-buy (buy the game on one and get it for free on the other) and cross-play support.  The game will also have a new soundtrack featuring the track "Fight" by female fronted rock quintet, The Dirty Youth.  Furthermore, gamers can battle their online friends lag-free with an official GGPO netcode.

Legend of Raven has also been further improved with new UI effects, backgrounds, and artwork over the originally-announced PS Vita version.

The ESRB has rated Legend of Raven as "T for Teen".


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