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Game Guys review - Sonic Lost World (3DS)

10:31 PM, Nov 2, 2013   |    comments
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  • SEGA's 'Sonic Lost World' video game for 3DS.
  • SEGA's 'Sonic Lost World' video game for 3DS.

As part of an exclusive franchise partnership with Nintendo, SEGA has released two versions of its Sonic Lost World video game.  Both the Wii U and 3DS received different versions of the game and after playing the portable variation, one can only hope the console one fares better.

Featuring its own set of levels not found in the home console version, Sonic Lost World on the 3DS mixes parkour action with a level design that blends 2D and 3D gameplay.  Unfortunately the game's high speed and often tricky level designs mean one thing for certain: surprise insta-deaths.  The controls, thankfully, aren't the cause of the problem.  Rather, it's simply that it's difficult to see what's ahead when Sonic's moving at a hundred miles per hour.  Furthermore, Sonic's homing attacks is poorly implemented and has a habit of locking onto off-screen enemies.  The player never feels quite in control.

While the 3DS game's levels are different than those from the Wii U, the story remains the same disappointing affair.  It features a silly antagonist that takes over the series' iconic bad guy, Dr. Eggman, and he's not the only facepalm-worthy character of the bunch.  In fact, the game's entire roster of names baddies will have players facepalming so hard that the game should come with a warning label cautioning players about the risk of concussions.

Presented as cartoony as a Sonic game should be, there is still plenty of fun to be had with this title.  There are even some gimmicks (such as Sonic on a snowboard) that play out well and provide a slight departure from the parkour-style gameplay that makes up the bulk of the action.  Sadly, the entertainment value isn't enough to overcome the game's previously-mentioned shortcomings.

In short, Sonic Lost World on the 3DS (look for our Wii U version review next week) is a disappointing follow-up to Sonic Generations from two years ago.  3DS owners who absolutely must have a new Sonic game to play might as well give it a go, but those who aren't married to the franchise might want to give it a pass.

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Version tested: 3DS (also available on Wii U)

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