Game Guys review - Sharkoon Drakonia Black gaming mouse

6:50 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
The follow-up to one of Sharkoon's most popular gaming mice, the Drakonia Black boasts enhanced features and a "top-tier" design.
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Ask any PC gamer who is serious about his craft and he'll likely tell you about his fancy gaming mouse that (probably) cost him nearly $100, if not more.  When that happens, you can then retort with a similar account in regards to your Sharkoon Drakonia Black mouse - a well-made gaming mouse that costs roughly half of what that other guy's mouse runs.

Priced at $50, the Sharkoon Drakonia Black is solidly built and has good weight to it thanks to the a handful of removable weights located in its rear underside.  It also has good size and fits comfortable in the right hand of a full grown male.  Those with smaller hands, however, might find the mouse to be a bit on the large size.  Either way, it's well contoured with comfortable rubber grips for the thumb.

Performance-wise, the Drakonia Black is more than satisfactory.  In addition to being equipped with an 8200DPI laser (which is 1800 better than the higher-priced Razer Death Adder), it also has 11 programmable buttons without the need for a button array that mimics a ten key.  In addition to the two buttons controlling the mouse's DPI sensitivity (which ranges from snail slow to hyper quick), the mouse wheel clicks in multiple directions, there are three right on the thumb, one near the pinky, etc.  In short, there are buttons seemingly all over the darn thing including the standard left and right clicks.  While actions can be modified through the mouse's included and easy-to-use software, macros can also be coded in to make complex inputs as easy as a single click - a feature that's extremely handy across a number of game genres.

During gameplay and standard computer use both the mouse performs very well.  In standard use (such as web browsing and productivity) the mouse's large size is surprisingly noticeable.  That's stated, it never stops being comfortable.  Of course, people don't buy computer mice such as the Sharkoon Drakonia Black to check email and post to Facebook.  It's primary function is as a gaming mouse and at that it excels.

After a four-hour marathon playing Fallout: New Vegas the mouse felt just as comfortable and sweat-free as it did when the session began.  Furthermore, the ability to change the DPI sensitivity on the fly came in quite handy as when the in-game action heated up.  The game didn't really make much use of the mouse's macro features, but it can easily be seen how such a feature would be beneficial.  Thankfully, games such as Total War: Rome II do make good use of macros and Drakonia Black users should be quite happy to have them.

All-in-all, the Sharkoon Drakonia Black gaming mouse is a surprising good option at its price point.  Are their fancier and more capable gaming mice on the market?  Sure, but they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than the $50 Sharkoon is asking for this one.  Those who can't afford a whole lot in terms of computer peripherals should consider this one of the best new options on the market.  For those who can spend more but simply don't want to, it's looks like it'd be hard to go wrong with this one.


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