Inventures: UC Davis neurology student creates software for video game makers

11:08 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A UC Davis neurology student turned videogame maker is hoping to change the future of PC gaming.

Josh Klint, the founder of Leadwerks Software, brings videogames to life with a multi-platform 3D engine. Based out of midtown Sacramento's Hacker Lab, Klint makes the software so you can actually build and play your own games.

As techie as that sounds, Klint doesn't have your typical computer science background. He learned how to code on his own while a neurology student.

"It was basically just a means to an end," Klint explained. "I just liked stuff I could make, and learned programming so I could make more cool stuff."

Now, users across the globe are making cool stuff with Leadwerks. Users can make anything - from more high end graphics to kid friendly ones like the game "My Wacky Moles."

"Our goal was always to produce something powerful enough for professionals and easy enough for beginners," Klint said.

Now, he's reaching out to a new audience.

Although Windows is the leading platform for PC gaming, Klint recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to put his Leadwerks game engine on the Linux operating system.

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What happened next even surprised him.

"We had a lot of people asking for Linux and we didn't really take it seriously and then when I saw results within the first 24 hours, I was like, 'oh okay,'" Klint said. "We should have been listening."

The campaign already reached its goal, but Klint added "stretch" goals for new features. He thinks he may be on to something, since some consider Linux better for gaming than Windows.

"I'm definitely happy now to be going in that direction," Klint said, "It's PC gaming. It's about high end graphics. It's what we do well."

With video game developer Valve making a push to support Linux, Klint is hoping he's on the cusp of a big time market shift.

Leadwerks will also be teaching a free class at the Hacker Lab in August for those who want to learn how to make video games.

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