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Nyko exhibits its Nvidia Shield accessory lineup

7:26 PM, Jul 7, 2013   |    comments
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Project Shield from Nvidia.

When the Nvidia Shield, a portable Android-based gaming platform, releases (presumably) this month, third-party accessory maker Nyko will be ready with a trio of accessories for it.

"We were working with Nvidia for a couple of years with our line of PlayPad controllers and the HID protocols they've been pushing," stated Chris Arbogast, Nyko's Marketing Director.

Two of the Nyko-branded Shield accessories take the form of carrying cases, one soft and one hard.

The soft one, called the Travel Case, is moded to the shape of the shield's external casing and zips closed.  Nyko says it will be out at launch and will retail for $20.

"And then for the more rugged [and] concerning gamer who wants to protect there system, this is the Shell Case," presented Arbogast.  "$29.99, will also be out at around launch."

Nyko also has plans to release a device called the Shield Dock.  It uses the same technology that's used in the Nyko Charge Base units for consoles.  The Shield Dock will have an HDMI passthrough so gamers can play their Shield games on an HDTV.

Also compatible with the Nvidia Shield, but by no means specifically for them, is Nyko's previously released PlayPad controllers.

Nvidia has not issued a final release date for the Shield, which was originally supposed to launch near the end of June 2013, other than to state that it now "ships at the end of July 2013."


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