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Zeiss' Cinemizer OLED impresses as an immersive VR gaming experience

7:11 PM, Jul 6, 2013   |    comments
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Zeiss' Cinemizer OLED accepts HDMI input for an immersive gaming/viewing experience.

There has been a fair amount of press about Oculus VR, the virtual reality headset being manufactured by Oculus Rift, but it's not the only horse in the show.  Respected ocular company Carl Zeiss has come out with its own immersive video headset, beating the Oculus VR to the market by months.

"What this enables is portable, immersive gaming basically anywhere anyplace anytime," stated David Hodgeson, a business partner with Zeiss.  "There's no special game requirements.  It's pretty much plug-and-play with any system."

The Cinemizer OLED was being demonstrated at E3 2013 as a gaming A/V headset and was connected to a PC via HDMI, but it's not strictly for video games.  It can actually hook up to anything with an HDMI output, including the video cameras used a News10.  Still, for those wanting a gaming-specific video headset solution, Zeiss has a model specifically for that complete with head tracking technology that is rather nifty when playing games like Crysis 3.

Carl Zeiss' Cinemizer OLED looks to be pretty strong competition for the Oculus VR - especially since it can do 3D - and comes at a price point comparable to good quality big-screen HDTVs.  It's price point begins at $799 and goes up from there should the user want head tracking, a light shield, and/or 3D.  Gamers will probably want at least two of those.


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