NIS America talks Time & Eternity at E3

10:27 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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'Time & Eternity' from NIS America.

In the above video, Robert Schiotis, an editor and QA member at NIS America, gives gamers an overview of the upcoming PS3 exclusive Time & Eternity.

While the game is classified as a JRPG, it has differences which set it apart from others in the genre.

"Classic JRPGs tend to be more turn-based where you and the enemy alternate taking turns fighting, but in this it's all real time," explained Schiotis.  "You know, you attack [and] your enemy attacks - everything happens on your own turns and the enemy's turns."

In this game, players will witness their character's own death at their wedding before traveling back in time with their wife-to-be in order to track down your killer.  To make things interesting, the player's fiancee has a split personality in the form of two separate souls residing within her body.  Her souls switch each time the player levels up, with each soul having its own strengths and weaknesses.

It's Schiotis' opinion that fans of NIS' other titles should like Time & Eternity as well.

"At NIS, we do a really good job localizing games for our fans," he commented.  "And I think our fans are gonna really enjoy the care and the quality of the writing and the localization of this game."

This Namco Bandai licensed game will be released in North America and Europe in July as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.


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