EA: NCAA Football 14 is all about the physics

2:55 PM, Jun 22, 2013   |    comments
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EA Sports' 'NCAA Football 14' video game.

Sports gamers might want to hit the books over the next couple of weeks because EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 is expected to be all about the physics.

"We launch on July 9th and it's all about physics being added to college football this year," commented EA Sports Producer Ben Haumiller.  "The Infinity Engine 2 was added to Madden last year; we've got it in right now.  It's a more refined version of the physics engine."

The use of last year's Infinity Engine 2 in NCAA Football 14 isn't the only technical addition to the game.  The game will also feature a force impact system that applies physics to football moves such as stiff arms, big hits, tackles, and every other collision-based action.

"So on a stiff arm, for example, you can pop a guy right in the facemask and see his head go back, but if you happen to hit him in the shoulder instead his shoulder will go back," Haumiller explained.  "So it's all about where the contact is made."

This should prove to be a large step forward for the franchise, which has always lagged behind Madden in terms of features and "under the hood" specs.

On the gameplay side, the development team has been hard at work focusing upon how the option is played.  Option plays and spread offenses are much more prevalent in the college game than they are in the pros and the devs wanted to make sure they got it right in NCAA Football 14.

"The option is such a big game for college football and a lot of the advent of the spread option and how the read option's used and an offense like the pistol in Nevada, you know?" Haumiller said.  "It's really about trying to get that.  Reeling the defender, reading the open man, trying to make that read and decide what you're going to do to get a big gain.  The option is a great thing in the game this year."

NCAA Football 14 will once again have all 128 of the FBS (formerly Division 1-A) schools and will once again be without any FCS (formerly Division 1-AA) schools.  Luckily, EA Sports is continuing it support of its Team Builder website to allow players to custom create their own teams and import them into the game.

One of the big appeals for hardcore football video game fans when it came to EA Sports' NCAA Football and Madden franchises was the ability to export graduating seniors and draft-bound juniors from the college game and import them into the pro title as the next year's draft class.  For one reason or another, that synergy was lost a couple of years ago.  But not anymore.

"We're very happy to have that if you play NCAA and go through a dynasty, you can have that draft class... import them into Madden, and have them be able to continue and play their pro careers there," stated Haumiller.

One caveat to be had with that, however, is it doesn't look like those who buy the PS4/Xbox One versions of Madden NFL 25 will have that feature.  While a speculative statement, it makes sense seeing as NCAA Football 14 is only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

As the NCAA game producer explained, "[Madden's] leading the way on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and then what I think you'll be seeing is following suit in the next year or so you'll see NCAA kind of make their way into the next generation of games."

Rated "E for Everyone" by the ESRB, EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 is scheduled for release July 9 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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