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E3 Impressions: BeyBlade Evolution

4:46 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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'BeyBlade: Evolution', a Nintendo 3DS game published by D3 Publisher within the Americas.

Shown by Rising Star Games during E3 2013, 3DS game BeyBlade Evolution is one of those game that looks to provide short bursts of excitement - something that should lend itself well to a portable gaming platform.

Based upon a line of toys called "BeyBlades" along with a cartoon series of a similar name, BeyBlade Evolution is a digital version of the real-life competitive top-fighting game.  In fact, in terms of its place in the BeyBlade universe, the game bridges the gap between the cartoon's previous and next season.  Truth be told, it was difficult for a 30-year-old gamer to get too excited or even fully understand what the whole BeyBlade thing was all about.  Even then, however, one could see quite the draw for the game's intended audience.

BeyBlade Evolution, which will be making its 3D debut on the 3DS when it launches October 29, has a deceiving amount going on under the hood.  At first glance, it appears like little more than a seemingly obligatory digital version of a real-life toy.  After a brief hands on period during E3 2013, it became evident there's more to it than just that.

Much like the toy line, which encourages players to collect various Beys (the tops) and customize them by swapping parts and such, players of the 3DS game will have a very similar experience.  Once a new top is acquired or assembled, players will then have the opportunity to battle any of the title's in-game opponents.  During battles, players can then use the 3DS' gyroscope to aim a set of on-screen cross-hairs to shoot their Bey full of Spirit and give it a potentially match-changing boost.  Furthermore, thanks to the 3DS' Streetpass feature, players's Beys can battle those belonging to others even when the game's not actively being played.  That's rather nifty.

Almost as nifty is how else BeyBlade Evolution uses the 3DS' gyroscope.  When beginning a battle and literally tossing their Bey into the playfield, players have the option of either tapping a launch button or whipping the 3DS back as if pulling the rip cord on an actual BeyBlade toy.  While this probably won't cause any damage to the 3DS itself like Rising Star Games' Super Black Bass 3D from earlier this year, players will need to take care and have a firm hold of their 3DSs should they decide to go this route.

Luckily because BeyBlade Evolution is essentially little more than a top-fighting game, it doesn't take much effort or know-how to get into it.  Furthermore, because battles can take as little as a few seconds each, it looks to be a great game for those who can't afford to spend an hour or more per play session.  In fact, it'll probably be great for those who don't even have ten minutes to spare yet still want to be able to game in some shape or form on their 3DS.

When the game comes out later this year, it'll be available in two versions. Thirty bucks will get you the standard 3DS game.  An extra ten will, while supplies last, get you the game along with a real-life Wing Pegasus 90WF BeyBlade toy.


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