Xbox One coming this November, Price: $499

3:22 PM, Jun 10, 2013   |    comments
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Microsoft's Xbox One home entertainment console. (image: Microsoft)

LOS ANGELES - Announced to a lukewarm reception during Microsoft's pre-E3 media briefing, the company will launch its upcoming Xbox One home entertainment system in November.  The asking price?  A rather steep $499.

Unlike a couple of months ago when the console was physically unveiled and its television-viewing capabilities were touted, today's showcase stuck strictly to gaming.  Several Xbox One exclusives made their debut including Ryse, an action title based on the Roman Empire, Project Spark, a creative take on co-op gameplay, and Titanfall, a first-person shooter title from the creators of Call of Duty.  New titles for already-existing franchises were also revealed, highlighted by a new Halo game from developer 343 Industries.

Not to forget its Xbox 360 quite yet, Microsoft still has a few things up its sleeves.  Firstly, the 7-year-old console is being given a facelift by swapping out its current case for one inspired by Xbox One.  Also, a couple of new exclusives are on their way such as Wargaming's World of Tanks and Max and the Curse of Brotherhood from Press Play.

E3 officially begins Tuesday June 11 and runs through 13


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