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A look at Tripwire Interactive's WWII game Rising Storm

8:35 PM, Apr 13, 2013   |    comments
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Computer game 'Rising Storm' from developer Tripwire Games.

In recent years, independent game studio Tripwire Interactive has made its name with its World War II first-person shooter franchise Red Orchestra.  After releasing games on both the Western and Eastern fronts of WWII's European campaigns, the company shifts its focus to the Pacific with the upcoming computer game Rising Storm.

Focused upon the non-naval military operations of Imperial Japan and the U.S., Rising Storm features the Imperial Japanese Army and both the U.S. Army and Marine Corp.  The two military powers had drastically different technology behind them, with the Americans boasting the bigger, badder guns of the two sides.  Tony Gillham, the game's External Producer, says the Rising Storm development team is taking this into account while creating this game and is bringing key elements of the outgunned Japanese side to the forefront to make up for its inferior armaments.  This includes the iconic 'Banzai charge'.

"Which obviously is the kind of thing you would expect to see from the Japanese, and that really can help a player to tip a battle in a crucial stage," Gillham commented.

While Rising Storm will note feature a single-player campaign, it's multiplayer-only options will includes iconic clashes such as the Battles of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.  While playing, players will be given the opportunity not only to be a gun-toting infantryman, but also to be the one giving out the orders.  Commanders, for example, are able to direct troops, call in air recon, and so on.  Being able to adequately perform such actions, it seems, will be critical in a player's success (or lack thereof).

The multiplayer battles themselves will feature support for as many as 64 players at once (32 on each side) and players will have the option of four game modes: Territory, Countdown, Fire Fight, and Custom.  Exact details of these were not divulged during the 2013 Game Developers Conference, but there's more than enough time for that information to become public as the game is still quite early in its development cycle - a duration of time that, for the game's development team, has no concrete end point.

"One of the things is that because we're working along with Tripwire - Tripwire being an independent studio - they don't actually have to publish to schedule," he said.  They do not have to bring out a game because of pressures from outside.  So, basically, they can say we're gonna release the game when it's ready and when it feels right."

Gillham then continued, saying the team wants Rising Storm to be as polished a product as possible and they are not rushing to get things done.  That stated, Rising Storm will be moving into a beta stage in the near future for friends, family, and select members of the media.

"And then, not very long before the release, we're going to open up the beta a lot more so that we can really start pounding the [multiplayer] servers and getting some good feedback on the server loads and so on," explained Gillham.

Tripwire Interactive's Rising Storm currently has neither an announced release window, nor is any rating information currently available for this game from the ESRB.


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