GDC Impressions - Trolls vs Vikings

7:20 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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'Trolls vs Vikings' from Megapop Games.

Anybody who plays indie game studio Megapop Games' Trolls vs Vikings once it becomes available this December will notice one thing right away: it bares a striking resemblance to PopCap Games' Plants vs Zombies.  That should really come as no big surprise.  After all, Megapop is using Plants vs Zombies as a model for their own title.

It's probably a bit too early in the game's development cycle to say it's a rip-off of PopCap's four-year-old title, but Megapop's upcoming tower defense game shares a very similar play structure and whimsical look that PopCap's does.  It does, however, have a few key differences which must be addressed.

First off, players do not have sunlight as a currency for purchasing plants...err...trolls and instead mine and collect gems on specific game tiles to achieve the same ends.  Also, while most of the units in Trolls vs Vikings are stationary, users will have the capability of moving certain units in real-time across the playfield; it proves to be a very handy mechanic of which the game's eventual players should make good use.

Trolls vs Vikings is also including a number of boss fights where the player and his trolls must defend against the advances of mythical Nordic figures (ie: Thor) and their own advancing armies.  After trying some hands-on time with one such battle, it's safe to say that these are quite difficult, yet rather fun affairs.

Megapop is also including a potentially robust multiplayer package within the game.  Allowing for both real-time and turn-based competitive play, players will be going at it mano-a-mano (or, rather, trollo-a-vikingo) with their ultimate cumulative results being posted onto the game's leaderboards.  Whether these leaderboards are local, regional, or global was not disclosed.

Trolls vs Vikings is scheduled for release onto iOS this December with versions for Android and PC (via browser-based play) at some point afterwards.  The game will be free-to-play, though Megapop will provide various microtrasactional purchases for those who want them.


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