GDC - Get your Warface on

8:25 PM, Mar 31, 2013   |    comments
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'Warface', a free-to-play FPS computer game from developer Crytek.

Video game Crysis 3, might only be a month or so old, but that doesn't mean that the folks at development studio Crytek are on vacation.  Rather, they're busy at work on Warface, a free-to-play online FPS computer game currently in closed beta.

Running CryEngine 3, the studio's latest video game engine, Warface has a militaristic theme and takes place in the "near" future.  While there is no cost to play Warface, game Senior Producer Wim Coveliers says that his team is not cutting corners to keep costs down.

"We are Crytek, so we cannot compromise on our standards of quality," he stated.  "There is a stigma on free-to-play games...and the quality's not very good, but what we're doing is applying the standards of quality that we've always had as Crytek that we've applied on titles like FarCry, Crysis 1-3 and we're applying them on Warface as well."

Keeping up to company standards, it seems, extends beyond ensuring that a game looks good and plays well.  In the case of Warface, it also encompasses how the game's free-to-play "freemium" business model works and how it may affect the game.

"We want to make sure there's a level playing field, that people feel welcome in the game, and that they can play the game whether they pay or not," Coveliers explained.

To give some value to those players who do decide to sink some real-life dollars into Warface, Crytek will provide boosters designed to speed-up the rate at which in-game currency and experience is accumulated.    Other in game purchases include ornamental items such as character skins.

There will also be weapons and similar items for purchase within Warface, but these potentially game-changing items can only be bought with Warface's standard in-game currency - something all players can earn regardless of whether or not they've spent real-life money on the FPS title.  In fact, some of the best weapons can only be won by participating and doing well in co-op PvE missions (the bulk of the game's appeal is PvP action).

"If you are among the top 10-to-50-percent of the [day's] leaderboards, you get special currency that allows you to buy the coolest equipment and guns in the game," he told News10's Game Guy Barry White.  "And there's no other way you can get that currency."

While neither Coveliers nor any other member of the Crytek staff at GDC'13 would confirm any hard release date for Warface, players should expect to have the opportunity to log into the game and play as any of its four character classes (rifleman, engineer, sniper, and medic) at some point this year.  PC gamers interested in joining the in-progress closed beta for the game can apply do so by visiting Warface's GFace page.


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