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11:13 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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PC game 'ShootMania Storm', published by Ubisoft.

Just launched into open beta via Steam is the Ubisoft-published ShootMania Storm, a fast-paced multiplayer first-person action game from developer Nadio.  Inspired by the first-person shooters of days gone by, ShootMania Storm is a game that is being designed to put fun first.

"You look back to some of those great games like Quake -- they moved fast and had this great motion in the game itself -- and, thing is with a lot of PC games today, you jump in and you have to learn a lot right away," commented Ubisoft's Joshua Milligan.  "With ShootMania, you just jump right in and start playing.  And even me, who's been on console for a long time, came over to PC and have actually found myself winning some times and I was kind of like 'Wow, okay.  This is pretty cool'.  This was bringing me back."

Shortly into playing ShootMania Storm, it becomes quite obvious that competition can be fierce, yet entertaining.  Royal, one of the play modes included within the beta, especially so.  It's one where players are put on a comfortably large map that gets smaller and smaller as time passes and an energy barrier squeezes the playable area down until there's just enough room for an all-out brawl (that's assuming, of course, you last long enough to get that far).  Also available in the beta is a three-on-one battle designed for more hardcore players, but the play modes don't end there.

"We have both [Capture the Flag and Deathmatch] in the game right now, and we have several others like Battle where you're capturing different poles on either side of the map," explained Milligan.  "We have about twelve different game modes right now and users can also code and create their own game modes in the game itself."

In fact, user created content doesn't just end with players being able to create their own modes.  ShootMania Storm comes complete with its own level editor that allows the player nearly everything from layout and spawn points to actually importing custom-made three-dimensional objects into the game itself.

"You can create a gate, a giant vase, a tree -- any 3D object that you create in a program like Maya can then be pulled into the game itself and then drop it in and share it with other people," Milligan stated before pointing out that, for players who do not have access to tools such as Maya, the basic map editor has plenty of object already in it to manipulate and use.

As for the aforementioned open beta of the game, Ubisoft is inviting PC gamers of all levels to have a try at this fast-paced competitive slugfest.  The open beta is designed to allow Nadeo to fine-tune and refine the experience based feedback of the open beta players, as well as to test servers and introduce additional features.  The companies say that several updates are already planned during the open beta period before ShootMania Storm releases on April 10.

Once that date rolls around, ShootMania Storm will become available as a pay-once title rather than of the free-to-play "freemium" model that's becoming increasingly popular for MMOs.

Milligan explains why:  "Part of our goal with this is we wanted an even playing field so anyone who's playing has even competition -- there's no paying for an advantage in the game."

ShootMania Storm will carry a retail price of twenty dollars with the game being discounted ten percent at launch.


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