Moody: Next PlayStation and Xbox should have 'more, bigger everything'

11:39 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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As the current generation of home video game consoles continue to live well past the historically-established five-year cycle, rumors seem to be becoming only more and more prevalent about what the next generation of consoles will consist of.

"I think we're all waiting to see what the major manufacturers are coming out with," commented Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer at Codemasters.  "It sounds super-exciting, I have to say -- if you believe some of the hype going on at the moment; but we'll wait and see what comes out."

A mere four calendar months ago, Nintendo released the Wii U.  The successor to its casual-oriented Wii console, it seems to fall short in the gaming public's eye in terms of next-gen graphics; but Moody thinks that the platform has a lot of untapped potential and it's second-screen experience might be just what the next generation in home video gaming needs.

"It works brilliantly, having played it," said Moody.  "I think it is the future.  I mean, you've got to look at what's happening in the world of mobile, you've got iPads, Surface just came out from Microsoft.  I think you're going to see a lot more of that cross-over."

As for the the heir-apparents for Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, true specifics and specs are still largely up in the air.  Even still, the developer knows what he wants to see when the time comes.

"I guess the wish list is more, bigger everything," Moody stated before joking "...that's the megalomaniac developer talking."

One thing he doesn't believe gamers will see with the next mainstream gaming consoles is one being dedicated to strictly digital distribution, citing infrastructure and bandwidth concerns on the global scale.

"I think the disk will have it's place for a few years yet," Moody affirmed.  "It's important for retail, obviously, and a lot of countries, you know, the Internet infrastructure just isn't there enough yet -- especially for really, really large downloads."

Speaking strictly as a developer, Moody said he'll ultimately be happy with whatever the companies end up doing with their respective next-gen devices but pointed out they're still squeezing a lot out of the current-gen consoles.


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