Game Guys review - Where Angels Cry

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  • PC game 'Where Angels Cry' from developer K.I.D.
  • PC game 'Where Angels Cry' from developer K.I.D.
  • PC game 'Where Angels Cry' from developer K.I.D.
  • PC game 'Where Angels Cry' from developer K.I.D.
  • PC game 'Where Angels Cry' from developer K.I.D.
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The casual games market is growing increasingly competitive thanks in part to the growing popularity of tablet and mobile gaming.  Developer K.I.D.'s casual computer game When Angels Cry throws its proverbial hat in the ring with its adventure, puzzle, and hidden object elements.  Sadly, it isn't quite up to standards.

Where Angels Cry takes place in a remote medieval monastery where monks are disappearing without explanation and a statue on the property has been seen crying blood.  It's up to you as an agent of the Cardinal to investigate these strange happenings.  The premise is actually fairly interesting, though it's not presented in a very entertaining way at all.  None of its characters (even the key figures) are very interesting, though part of the reason for this is due to the game's slow-paced and outdated presentation style.  It's a very good thing, then, that this game isn't extraordinarily long.  In fact, dedicated and attentive players can probably complete it in a matter of hours.

Players of When Angels Cry will find a mesh of a semi-classic adventure game and a hidden object/puzzle game.  Featuring a purely point-and-click interface, When Angels Cry is highly accessible and should be easy enough for nearly any computer user to pick up and play.  The hidden object aspects are fairly industry standard, though the game doesn't outright give the player a list of things to find -- players must deduce that for themselves (or they can just move the mouse around to see when the cursor changes).  For those who get stuck or simply cannot locate the item they're in need of, there is a rechargeable "help" system that literally points out what to do and where.  The puzzles, however, aren't overly challenging -- which can be either a blessing or a curse depending on who you ask.  The game also features a seemingly irrelevant achievement system for those who are into that sort of thing.

Visually, Where Angels Cry is an esquisite-looking computer game.  Esquisite, that is, were this 1992.  For a game that saw its release onto the PC in 2012, Where Angels Cry just doesn't cut it.  Environments are decently-presented, though a bit plain and sterile.  The environments, however, aren't really the issue here as it's the game's characters that look the most outdated of it all.  The static forms of the various monks and Templar knights are mannequin-like not only because they're un-animated, but also because they simply look plastic and fake.

This game's audio also lacks the punch that would make it passable by any modern standard.  The soundtrack is dull and uninteresting and the voice acting is uninspiring at best.  Luckily, every spoken word is also presented on-screen.  Fast readers can zip on through the text and advance through the narration early if they would like -- which they probably would after the first hour or so of play.

Where Angels Cry is not an award-winning title by any means.  It's presentation is outdated, uninteresting, and sterile.  The game's story mildly gets the player's attention, though struggles to keep it after an hour or so.  As a slight redeeming factor, however, its minor mind-teasing puzzles do enough on their own to hold the player's attention at least part way.  There are many better options out there in the adventure game market as well as the casual computer game market as a whole.

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(GamersGate supplied a copy of this game for review.)


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