Gameforge announces 'Pirates' update for Ikariam

10:05 AM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
Ikariam is a free-to-play browser-based online strategy computer and iPad game.
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Online game publisher Gameforge's browser-based game Ikariam will offer a "Pirates" update that allows players to sail as pirates, earn gold and capture points on forays.  Pirate rivals can be put in their place through raids on their fortresses.  As a reward, the most successful buccaneers will receive a giant treasure trove of resources.

In this update, the first step toward a successful pirate career can be accomplished by constructing a new Pirate Fortress building, which can only be erected on a special offshore building slot.  With a Pirate Fortress, players are able to start a total of nine different capture runs that allow them to loot gold and capture points.  A successful attack on another players' Pirate Fortresses will sweep their hard-earned capture points into their own treasure chests; capture points help players strengthen their own crews.  A stronger team defends its own forts more effectively and is more successful in conducting raids on the pirate hideouts of other players.

Furthermore, a new high score for capture points shows which Ikariam buccaneer is the real terror of the seven seas.  It is valid for fixed evaluation periods and the final score can be viewed until the expiration of the next evaluation period.  In their own Pirate Fortresses, players have the opportunity to check their standings at any time; the 50 pirates that collect the most capture points at the end of an evaluation period will be rewarded with an abundance of resources.  After rewards have been given out, all capture points and increased crew strengths are reset and the battle of the pirates starts all over again.

Ikariam is a free-to-play browser-based online strategy computer and iPad game.


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