Tim Schafer and Ümloud!: A match made in Rock Heaven

1:24 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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Iconic game developer Tim Schafer of Double Fine hosts the 4th Annual Ümloud! charity event.

While gamers, geeks, and rockophiles are getting their rock god faces on, a special guest takes the stage as Master of Ceremonies for the fourth annual Ümloud! charity event.

"It's great!" exclaimed gaming industry icon and Ümloud! MC Tim Schafer.  "It's in this nightclub that we love and it's for a good cause and it's Rock Band and it's loud.  It's a lot of things that I like."

Benefiting the Child's Play charity, which seeks to improve the lives of hospitalized children through the power of playing, Ümloud! raises funds by allowing players of Harmonix's Rock Band 3 video game a chance to perform before a live audience in an actual concert venue in exchange for a donation towards the charity.  Last year, the event raised more than $26,000 towards the cause.

Thanks in part to the event's charitable motive and the presence of loud rock music, the organizers of Ümloud! had little problem in getting the iconic game developer to be a part of this year's event. 

"They asked me," said Schafer quite simply.  "I wanted to do it before because we did Brütal Legend [which was] very rock themed and I had the jacket.  We just couldn't make it down and this year I had to make up for that by coming and actually being the host."

And it seems that the founder of Double Fine is happy that he was able to take part in a gaming event that's designed not only for its participants to enjoy the evening, but also help out others in the process.

"I think it's great to do something that is so completely ridiculous but actually serves a positive goal in the end," he stated.  "You know, considering how happy it could make these kids -- and actually makes everyone here really happy -- it's a very positive event all around."

More information about Ümloud! and Childs Play itself can be found at www.umloud.org and www.childsplaycharity.org, respectively.


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