Enhanced Edition of Sword of the Stars II takes flight

6:54 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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'Sword of the Stars II: Enchanced Edition', a PC game published by Paradox Interactive.

The time has again come to claim one's place in the galaxy.  Whether you are human, a sentient insect, or a space dolphin, Keberos Productions has given PC gamers the tools to research, expand and then dominate your own corner of the universe.  Now, in an expanded and updated version of Sword of the Stars II, new options and an entirely new faction are available for experimentation.

After a year of updates and steady work, Paradox Interactive and Kerberos Productions have released Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition, including all previously released DLC as well as new content and tweaks.  It is now available on major digital distribution channels for $19.99.

Much of the fresh content comes in the form of the new expansion pack, End of Flesh, which introduces the Loa, a shape shifting artificial intelligence that can settle some of the most foreboding of landscapes.  A former slave race, they now have freedom and an incentive to use their powerful and unique vessels to teach their old masters a lesson.  Existing Sword of the Stars II owners are able to receive End of Flesh for free upon release.

In addition to the new expansion, the Enhanced Edition includes more than 25 new technologies including a new tech tree for cybernetics, ten new weapons and attack systems, expanded ship building options for all six original factions (including new Leviathan class ships), and two new independent races to seduce or bludgeon into one's imperial orbit.  Furthermore, there will be new random encounters and mission types.

Sword of the Stars II is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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