Necromancer class coming to MMORPG Eudemons Online

4:40 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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'Eudemons Online', a western-style MMORPG from online game publisher NetDragon.

Online game publisher NetDragon is adding a new character class, the Necromancer, to its western-style MMORPG Eudemons Online.  The Necromancers are masters of death and decay and greatly feared by their opponents.

Player kills and pets are amongst the more important aspects of Eudemons Online.  The Necromancer Class is highly regarded as the master of death and commanding of undead servants.  This class is feared by all other classes and as the level of the character increases so will the power of their spells and pets.  The mystery of the Necromancer will be arriving on December 28, 2012 with the latest expansion of Eudemons Online, Cult of the Shadowed Sun

As far as players of Eudemons Online are concerned, the Necromancer will have non-traditional abilities including the ability to switch between Necro Status and Wizard Status.  In Wizard Status, their magic greatly increases while the amount of physical damage decreases during Necro Status.  During certain conditions, Necromancers are immune to Warriors and Vampire's Fatal Combo Attack.  Necromancers will also have a special ability called Necro Realm which enables this class to sacrifice all kinds of Eudemons to gain points.  These points can be used to summon 8 different Necro Spirits. 


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