$99 Wii Mini coming soon (to Canada only)

6:26 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
Nintendo's Wii Mini video game console.
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Nintendo may have just released its Wii replacement, the Wii U, a couple of weeks ago, but that apparently hasn't stopped the video game company from releasing a new version of the six-year-old console.

Said to retail for $99 when it comes out on December 7, the Wii Mini is currently only planned for release in Canada.  The new console will be smaller than the current Wii and come packaged with a red Wii Remote with built-in Motion Plus and a matching Nunchuk controller.

The Wii Mini's smaller size may seem nice, but it's said to be missing a handful of features that are found in the full-sized Wii.  According to Canadian website FutureShop, the Wii Mini will be sans WiFi and incompatible with GameCube disks.  Furthermore, GameCube controller ports and memory card slots have been removed from this new version of the Wii.

Currently, the full-size Wii retails for $129.99.


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