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MapleStory's Tempest update brings players into the storm

3:55 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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"MapleStory" is a free-to-play PC game from Nexon.

Nexon America's free-to-play PC game MapleStory is being prepped for the implement of the first installment of its four-part "Tempest" update, which begins on November 28.

"Into the Storm, " or the first Tempest Update installment, will introduce major system changes that will allow players to create more characters, gain honor experience faster, and advance jobs at lower levels than before, among other things.

Players ready for the storm that's coming in MapleStory will soon be able to create 18 characters per world, or three more than before, and will also be able to increase their arsenal when sub-stat requirements are taken away.  Players will enjoy being able to complete the third and fourth job advancements quicker and at lower levels.  Players will also notice that honor experience will be gained faster after the update is implemented. Additionally, some bosses will have an "Aggro ranking," which will help players choose their opponents wisely. 

After the "Into the Storm" update, Nexon will add Luminous, a new playable Hero character, to MapleStory the following week.  Luminous is a tortured soul, dealing with an internal battle between good and evil.  Players will have to decide if Luminous will pick the good side over the bad and save those he loves, or succumb to the Dark Mage's strong corrupting power.  Each player will dictate what gameplay is like as a Luminous character. 

MapleStory can be played for free by visiting: .


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