Newzoo: U.S. games market grows 1% in 2012

1:50 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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Market research firm Newzoo has published a study finding the U.S. video games market grew a paltry one percent in 2012 in terms of consumer spending, citing changes in consumer habits as the primary reason for the flat year.

"The budget of the 86 million American paying gamers is limited to an amount that fits with the position that games have in their life," stated Newzoo CEO Peter Marman.  "At the same time, the number of screens on which he or she can play games has doubled from two to four. Already, an impressive 22% of all American gamers play on all screens... So naturally, average spending is down per screen."

The firm found that while spending hadn't grown much at all, actual time spent playing games in the United States has grown significantly.  Actual gaming time grew 26% in America, more than the 18% growth in European gameplay time.  Furthermore, the actual number of American gamers who spend money on games also increased by 33%.  The report also finds, however, that while the number of paying gamers increased by roughly a third, spending is down when broken down to a per-gamer basis.

The scope of Newzoo's research is set to include all dollars spend on games, both retail and digital, and includes mobile, pre-owned, import, and DLC purchases.


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