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PC game Vindictus launches into Season Two

11:21 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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"Vindictus" from Nexon America.

Nexon America's Vindictus, a real-physics based massivley multiplayer online game, has launched into its second season.  Season 2 means a new content update that has now gone live.

Vindictus' Season 2 update is packed full of new boss monsters, new map,s and an increased level cap.  Further new features include new raid bosses: the 50-foot, many-tentacled Kraken and the Serpent Lord Lakoria.

Ten more levels have been opened for players, going from a level 70 cap to 80, which is good because high-powered warriors will be needed to save the new sea side town, Melina from the clutches of the Serpent Lork Lakoria and the mighty Kracken sea beast.  Also in Melina, players will find a deadly siren octopus and a nasty pirate boss. New dungeons in Melina include lush but danger filled Crescent Moon Island and the Ship Graveyard which hides extreme horror under its watery surface.

A new pet is also being added to Vindictus.  It's the new Bear Pet and it comes in three varieties: brown, polar, and panda.  The bears will aid players as they make their way through the woodlands and lush lands found around the town of Melina.

Furthermore, with this update, Nexon America has opened service to Australia and Mexico.


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