Game Guys review - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

10:24 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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  • 'Transformers: Fall of Cybertron' from Activision
  • 'Transformers: Fall of Cybertron' from Activision

High Moon Studios presents another successful 'Transformers' title with Fall of Cybertron, throwing players on both sides of the Decepticon-Autobot war. 

The game's predecessor, War For Cybertron gave fans of the series new faith in the video game franchise back in 2010. Three years later, Fall of Cybertron continues the trend in well presented visuals mixed with engaging gameplay. Not only that, but the game improves upon aspects that fell short in the last title providing big leaps forward in the franchise.

In Fall, each of the 13 chapters utilizes a different playable transformer from the start. This aspect allows players to fully grasp the unique characters abilities showcased in the game. Not only this, but each level is optimized for the different bots. And of course the game is in-line with last title's bots, however big time fans of the franchise will be happy to see the return of Grimlock, the T-rex transformer. 

Some of Fall of Cybertron's most exciting points involve thrashing through enemies with Grimlock. In his robot form, players will be able to wield a powerful sword, slashing through metal like butter. This proves to be fun, however Grimlock also transforms into his dino-form, with a big whippy tail, powerful jaws and of course, his flame-throwing breath. It's a blast to have such an array of weapons while on the battlefield with all of Grimlock's options. Additionally, in Fall of Cybertron players will get to utilize the sheer force of Metroplex - the giant transformer. Metroplex dwarfs most other transformers and is essentially controlled by Optimus Prime when times call for it. Metroplex slams through larger forces in the game that can't otherwise be destroyed by other Autobots. It's pretty exciting to just sit and watch half the map get utterly destroyed by the massive force of this guy.

Going a little deeper into Fall of Cybertron, players can upgrade each of the weapons after collecting game's currency. The player earns the game cash after defeating enemies as well as finding it around the maps. Once collected enough currency, players will have to locate the weapon upgrade stations that are scattered among the areas, and spend cash on what they need to upgrade. Once a gun is fully upgraded, it becomes quite powerful and allows for you to just blow away enemies with style. This is a pretty cool RPG aspect, that allows players to have more incentive to play the game with detail.

The game has some pretty breathtaking visuals with a physics engine that works well with it. Each of the different maps have unique environments including sand-ruins, war-torn battlefields and even skyscraper building tops. Not only this, but the musical score and voice-overs are on par with what you'd expect for the full package. Of course the game has some cheesy lines, but so do the films. 

Overall, most of the Fall of Cybertron is a great follow-up to the the hit title, War For Cybertron, except the addition of cooperative levels. However, the game implement's a few fairly immersive online multiplayer modes that adds to the replay value. One of the best modes is team deathmatch allowing players to use their favorite transformer in a game setting most are very familiar with. Team deathmatch and the other multiplayer modes are fun, but in the end you want a little more. 

This latest game in Activision's 'Transformers' line follows its franchise path, providing players an immersive and very entertaining story mode. It's visuals are vibrant and on par with what you'd expect after watching the recent films by Michael Bay. The amount of detail brought to this game is very wide, and should be appreciated to fans of the Tv show, Films and of course previous game. Although Fall of Cyberton does not include co op, all the other positive aspects make up with this loss.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. 

 Final Game Guys score: A-

(Activision provided a copy of this game for review.)


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